FREE 16-hours Buffet

FREE 16-hours Buffet

One of the biggest attractions of the Spanish Poker Festival are the packs that are prepared in each edition.


As we told you in the article regarding hotel offers, for SPF 2k19 Winter Edition we have prepared different packs of 8 nights (Sunday, January 27th to Monday, February 4th) with prices from… 150€/person!


One of the most interesting points of this offer is the absolutely FREE inclusion of the King’s Casino’s 16-hour Buffet.


Usually guests of the King’s Casino have to pay 10€/day to enter and once inside can take advantage of all the advantages they offer, including the free buffet.


However, players who pick up their SPF pack with us will have FREE entry to the Casino and will be able to use the buffet whenever they want without any cost. Alcoholic beverages are NOT included.


In addition, in the tournament area there is a bar with more drinks and coffee machines that you can use for free.


All SPF 2k19 Winter Edition packs include:

  • FREE entry to the Casino.
  • FREE Buffet 24h.
  • FREE transfer from Nuremberg airport (1.30h away).
  • FREE merchandising.


If you want to know more about hotel offers visit the following page: HOTEL PACK.


If you want to make your reservation for the Spanish Poker Festival visit


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