Hotel offer for 8 nights from 150€ per person

Hotel offer for 8 nights from 150€ per person

One of the biggest attractions of the Spanish Poker Festival are the packs that we prepared in each edition.


In the previous editions of SPF Rozvadov we created hotel packages with spectacular prices that have become our hallmark. Awesome packs that gave you FREE entrance to the Casino (€ 10 / day usually), included the buffet 16h a day totally FREE and also included the FREE transfer from the Nuremberg airport (roundtrip), that is, the players simply they had to worry about going to the Nuremberg airport and once they are there the SPF took care of about everything.


And of course for this new edition, the SPF 2k19 Winter Edition, we have prepare again a spectacular pack… 8 hotel nights (Sunday, January 27 to Monday, February 4) from … ¡¡ € 150 per person!


As  last edition, in addition to the usual double and single use doubles (same prize) we will offer triple rooms, thanks to which you can come to the SPF even cheaper. Of course, the number of triple rooms are limited, so they will be over quickly.


In this summer edition we will create different packs depending on the quality and distance of each of the hotels of King’s Casino so that you choose the pack that suits your pocket.


Remember that all SPF 2k19 Winter Edition packs include:

  • FREE entry to the Casino.
  • Buffet FREE 16h.
  • FREE transfer from Nuremberg airport (1h from Rozvadov).
  • Merchandising.


These are the complete prices of the packs divided by hotel categories:


Where is each hotel located?

All King’s Casino hotels have very good qualities, and most of them are very new, so they are quite good. What distinguishes in most cases their category is their distance with the King’s Casino.

  • The 3* hotels are three: OMV (is OK quality and is located 1km away from Casino), Non Stop (is OK quality and is located 500m away from Casino) and Orange (OK quality and located only 100m from the Casino).
  • The 4* hotels are the OlympiaAdmiral and Yellow: they are of very good quality. Olympia is 500m away from Casino, and the other2 are located less than 100m from the King´s Casino.
  • The 5* hotel is in the NEW King’s Casino building itself, you simply have to climb the stairs and you will be in your room. Very spacious and comfortable and very good qualities.


You can see photos of all the hotels on the page “Reservations”.


IMPORTANT: When you book a hotel of a special category you can NOT choose the hotel you are going to, that is, if you book a 3* you CAN NOT say that you want the “Orange” one imperatively, and this will depend on the availability of Kings Casino. Keep in mind that the first reservations will have preference in the list to stay in the best hotels in each category.


How does the buffet work?

Usually guests of the King’s Casino have to pay 10€/day to enter and once inside can take advantage of all the advantages they offer, including the free buffet.


However, players who pick up their SPF pack with us will have FREE entry to the Casino and will be able to use the buffet whenever they want without any cost. In addition, in the tournament area there is a bar with more drinks and coffee machines that you can use for free. Alcoholic beverages are NOT included.



How does the transfer work?

The transfer is a service that no other event in the King’s Casino has included in its packs for free. If you take your pack with the SPF organization we pick you up at Nuremberg airport on Sunday, January 2th and take you FREE to King’s Casino and take you back to the airport on Monday, February 4th.


The free one way transfer is ONLY included on Sunday, January 27th from Nuremberg Airport. If you arrive another day or another airport would NOT be included.


The free return transfer will take place on Monday, February 4th for Nuremberg Airport. If you return another day or to another airport would NOT be included.


Transfer times will be closed (there will be 3 each day) and will be posted here in few days.


Depending on the arrival time of the players will join to one or another transfer. You have everything much more explained in the specific article of the transfer.


If a player wants a transfer outside the one that we offer for free, the SPF team can act as an intermediary to make the reservation and to pick you up the day you need at the airport you want.


Standard rates for King’s Casino transfers are: Prague (€135/way), Nuremberg (€110/way) and Munich (€185/way). If you come from another city ask us directly.


Enjoy our Super promotion for SPF National Estoril!

Our packages already have a spectacular price, but in addition if you make and pay your reservation during the SPF National Estoril (Septiembre 2018) you can get an amazing discount up to 75€ in our packs!

In order to use your discount you simply have to pay your pack in cash during this festival to any of our promotors.

Thanks to this discount you can have your pack of 8 nights hotel with buffet 16h and free airport transfer, all for 2 people… from just 133€!!! Amazing, right?

If you want to make your reservation for the next edition of the Spanish Poker Festival visit


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