MVP Award

The SPF 2018 Summer Edition will again be awarded to the MVP [Most Valuable Player].


The player who gets the MVP award will win a complete SPF 2k19 Summer Edition pack that will be held on july 2019, which includes 8 hotel nights for 2 people and entry to the SPF Main Event €300 (pack valued around 1.050 €). In addition the MVP will take home a champion trophy.

The tournaments that score for the MVP are those that are named “Events” in the official calendar of the Spanish Poker Festival 2k19 Winter Edition. There are a total of 16 events.


In order for a player to be eligible for the MVP award he must have participated in at least 3 events of the 16 total events.


The scoring system we will use to crown the next MVP will be the one currently used by the Global Poker Index (GPI).


This scoring system is based primarily on 3 factors:

  • Minimum 10 players: For a tournament to award points for the MVP must have at least 10 total entries.
  • Only players ITM get points: only players who enter ITM (In the money) in each event will receive points. The better your final position in each event, the more points you’ll get.
  • Number of total players: will be taken into account in the number of total entries in each event, regardless of the reenters. The more total players the more points there are at stake in each event.


At the end of each event we will post the provisional classification in the Blog of the SPF Official Website.


The GPI offers a calculator with which you can calculate for yourself the points that are obtained in each event. You can find it in its official page: Global Poker Index (GPI)


You can see the global rules of the GPI ranking in the following link: GPI rules.


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